Campfire Cooking Tips & Tricks

campfirecookThere is no meal that beats a dish cooked over an open camp fire.  I clearly remember my stay in a campground in Acadia National Park.  I was in my early 20’s and we were cooking a steak over a forked branch.  Eventually the steak fell into the fire, and, after fishing the steak out of the fire (not my preferred type of fishing!), we proceeded to finish cooking the steak, wiped the ashes off of the meat, and ate the absolute best steak we had ever had.  Maybe it’s because we were incredibly hungry, or maybe it’s just because there is something awesome about cooking anything over an open fire outdoors.  Personally, I think it was the latter.

We hope the tips below will help make your Maine outdoor cooking adventure more fun, and tasty as well!

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Camping Checklist 2015

It’s that time again!  Brush off the dust and get your camping gear packed and ready to go!  Here is a quick packing list to help you out.  Here we list items for the die-hard, and items for those who prefer to camp with some creature comforts:

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