View from Holeb Pond.

Moose River Loop & Bow Trip Adventure Series

Angela and Henry paddled the Moose River Loop/Bow Trip in July 2016.  Angela documented their entire adventure and wrote about it.  Their trip was full of challenges and adventure, from paddling in high waves to no campsite availability, and even a canoe crash in rapids.  The crash broke their thwart, but not their spirits.  All was well worth the challenge, including a moose sighting and incredible natural beauty you won’t find anywhere else.  Their trip started and ended at Attean Pond Landing.

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On the Moose River at daybreak.

Get the Map

This map includes directions, a map, and distances for both the Moose River Loop and Bow Trip.  Keep in mind this map is not to scale.

Click here to download the map for the Moose River Loop | Bow Trip

Passing an island in Attean Pond, Sally Mountain in the distance.

About the River

The Moose River Loop (aka Moose Loop or Moose River Bow Trip) and Bow Trip are actually two different adventures found in the same place.  The Moose Loop is a water trail that begins and ends in the same exact place:  either Attean Pond landing or Holeb Pond Landing.  The Bow Trip begins at Holeb Pond Landing and ends at Attean Pond Landing.  The Bow Trip avoids the incredibly rugged and long portage between Attean Pond and Holeb Pond.  The portage is 1.2 miles of rugged, rocky, rooted up and downhill terrain.  Forget bringing your kayak cart, because it will be destroyed before you reach the end of the portage.

If you brave the Moose Loop, don’t underestimate the “ponds.”  When the wind kicks up, it isn’t uncommon to be paddling against 2-foot waves, which makes progress slow.  Don’t let that deter you- the Moose Loop is well worth the extra effort, and the scenery and sunsets make up for it.  Both trips have beautiful camping spots along the way, most with fire pits and picnic tables.  When you come off the river and reach Attean Pond, you’ll most likely be paddling through an incredible sea of underwater grass as you head towards the landing.  Surrounded by mountains, islands and incredible scenic beauty, you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

Water Trail Quick Facts

Location:  Jackman, start at either Attean Pond landing or Holeb Pond landing
Length:  34 miles for the Moose River Bow Trip, and 25.75 miles for the Bow Trip
Duration:  1-2 days
Difficulty:  piece of cake to moderate
Water Flow:  can be run most of the season, Moose River has slow to quickwater depending on rainfall and melt
Portages:  1.25-mile portage between Attean Pond and Holeb Pond, small portage at Holeb Falls, and 2 optional very short portages around Attean Falls (only run Attean during high water).
Features:  mountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls
Rapids:  class I & II

Outdoor Opportunities

Camping, Canoeing & Kayaking, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Boating, Wildlife Watching

Contact Information

Bureau of Parks and Lands
Western Public Lands Office
PO Box 327
Farmington, Maine 04938

Sunset on Holeb Pond, near the landing.