Whitewater & Rafting

Photo credit: Magic Falls Rafting Company.

Kennebec River

The Kennebec River Gorge marks the start of the 3.5 mile section of the river where rafters come to play.  Excellent for beginners and families, the entire whitewater trip is 8 miles long.  The lower section of the river offers a great opportunity to float down the river.  The Kennebec has daily whitewater releases bringing the river to 4,800 – 6,000 cfs.

Detailed river & rapid information for Kennebec River
2017 Kennebec River high water (turbine test) release dates

Penobscot River

Whitewater rafting on the West Branch Penobscot River is on both the upper and lower sections of the river.  The river trip is between 12-14 miles long, and is a steep gradient with pool and drop technical rapids.  This river has consistent big-water daily, with Class III – V rapids.  This scenic river flows through Baxter State Park and past the base of Mount Katahdin.

Detailed river & rapid information for Penobscot River

Dead River

The Dead River is one of the longest continuous sections of whitewater in the Northeast, with approximately thirty rapids in a 13.35 mile stretch ranging from Class II to Class IV.  There are only 8 water releases for rafting each year on this river.  The river mainly consists of granite boulder rapids with many holes and pour-overs.  River difficulty is heavily influenced by release level and periods of heavy rain.  At 1,200 – 1,800 cfs most rapids are Class II, with the exception of the first and last few rapids.  At 2,000 – 3,500 cfs rapids are Class III, and at 4,500 and up rapids are Class IV.

Detailed river & rapid information for Dead River
2017 Dead River high water release dates

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