100-Mile Wilderness (100MW)

100milewildernessThe 100-Mile Wilderness (Hundred-Mile Wilderness, or 100MW) of the Appalachian Trail is some of the most difficult miles to hike along the entire route.  It is a very remote section of the trail and is very difficult to resupply.  It is recommended that you carry at least 10 days worth of supplies to attempt this section of the trail.  The trail goes from Monson to the Baxter State Park boundary.  Don’t bother bringing your cell phone, unless you’re using it to take pictures or swat blackflies.

100MW Facts

Location:  Appalachian Trail, Maine
Difficulty:  Epic
Distance:  99.4 miles
Peak elevation:  18,500′
Adventure Length:  5-12 days depending on ability
Paved road crossings:  None
Topography:  rivers, streams, lakes, bogs, mountains, forests


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