Canoeing the Moose River Loop | Bow Trip: Day 4

A beautiful morning on the Moose River The morning of our fourth and final day on the Moose River Loop was by far the most beautiful.  We packed up and hit the river by 5:30 a.m., before our river right neighbors across the way.  There was a light fog that covered the river for hours- … Read more

Canoeing the Moose River Loop | Bow Trip, Jackman, Maine. Day 1

Preparation for the AWW Henry and I love adventure.  Henry is a seasoned canoeist, although out of practice by about 25 years, and I am as green as they get.  Before our trip to Jackman to paddle the Moose River Loop/Bow Trip, I had been in a canoe about twice.  That’s a rough guess.  We came … Read more