Step Falls, Newry Maine: Great Family Waterfall Hike

Step Falls waterfall in Newry, Maine near Grafton Notch State Park.
View from the top of Step Falls in Newry.

Step Falls near Grafton Notch State Park

Step Falls is one of my favorite places to visit any time of year in Maine.  The hike to the falls is an easy 20-25 minutes (0.6 miles) and is perfect for families.  The lower falls are an easy hike and the last section of the upper falls are a moderate hike.  The hike in follows along beautiful Wight Brook and there are some places where you can climb down to the brook and take fantastic photos.  As you near the falls the trail gets somewhat steep.  The falls have a total drop of 250 feet and include cascades, horsetails, pools, and chutes.  The view from the top of the falls is incredible, with a mountain as the backdrop.

Step Falls waterfall.
The falls are great for photo ops!

Step Falls Additional Information

Step Falls can be found in the DeLorme on page 18, E2.  The falls are part of the 24-acre Mahoosuc Land Trust.  No pets are allowed on the trail.  Parking is limited so try to arrive early.  If you arrive and the parking lot is full, you can check out Grafton Notch State Park or Mother Walker Falls about a half-mile down the road and come back later.

Step Falls, Newry, Maine hiking trail.
Hiking trail to the falls.
Step Falls hiking trail.
A few roots on the trail.
Step Falls hiking trail.
Another view of the hiking trail. Note the yellow blaze on the tree on the right which shows the way.
Step Falls waterfall hiking trail.
A view of the lower part of the from the hiking trail.
Step Falls double waterfall.
Another section of Step Falls.
Looking up Step Falls.
The view is just as beautiful looking up as it is looking down!

Enjoy a few moments of Step Falls

Here is a still video I made of the falls.  I just set the camera up and let it record the peacefulness of the falls for 10 minutes.  Waterfalls are one of my favorite natural features in Maine!  This video was filmed in October.

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