Jeep Clubs and 4×4 Off-Road Trails in Maine

Where are the 4×4 off-road trails?

Off road 4x4 jeep trails in Maine.

Several people have asked me where the offroad trails are for Jeeps and other vehicles in Maine.  You might as well be asking me for the pin number to my ATM card- I won’t tell you.  The reason is simple- we belong to a Jeep club that practices Leave No Trace, Tread Lightly! and gets landowner permission to ride trails.  If other people use those trails without getting permission, tear them up or leave their trash behind, the trail gets closed.  There are already lots of great trails that have been closed because of a few bad apples.  Offroad clubs help preserve trail access, manage how trails are used, and teach others the importance of Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! programs.

5 Reasons why you should join an offroad club:

  1. You are with a group of people who love offroading just like you.  It’s like gaining a huge group of awesome new friends that feel like family.
  2. You get access to the trails- but wait, there’s more!  Many off-road enthusiasts have incredible trails on their own private land and they will invite the club over for a day of wheeling fun.  Some of the gnarliest terrains we have wheeled were on private land.
  3. You can join more than one club and wheel trails all over the state.
  4. If you get stuck, help is right behind you.  And in front of you.
  5.  If you break down usually one or several people will try to help fix your rig (many carry spare parts).  And if it can’t be trail repaired, someone can winch you back to civilization!

Offroad 4X4 and Jeep Clubs in Maine

Jeeping to the top of mountains in Maine.
Practicing our Captain Morgan poses and hanging out with a few Jeeps on top of a mountain in Maine.

County Jeep Riders of Hope! – Houlton Area

Click here to visit County Jeep Riders of Hope! Facebook Page
Riding for a cause!  
From the Club:  Local Jeepers riding for a cause! Our first ride was Sept 26 for local cancer walk. 30 jeeps from all over Maine joined and raised 1300. so far. For local bridge to hope walk. The date of the walk is the second Saturday of October and 100 percent of the donations will go to help the bridge to hope continue to give gas cards etc to local cancer patients traveling for treatment. We already have another event in the works for a toy drive for Santa to distribute at Christmas. collection will be at the local parade. We also have connected with a group in P.I that is also having a event December 5th. We have high hopes to grow and organize some local trail rides for causes and to connect with other jeepers and 4 wheel drives.

Penobscot Valley 4-Wheel Drive (PV4WD) – Bangor/Brewer Region

Click here to visit PV4WD website
From the Club:
 PV4WD is a group of Jeep owners located all over the State of Maine. We are a not-for-profit group of individuals dedicated to the enjoyment of the sport we love. We represent the good of our sport and the fight to keep our cause legal.  We strive to work within our community to generate a better understanding of the laws, the respect for the land and the landowners.

Additional Info:  Jeep club.  Monthly meetings in Brewer.  A family-friendly club, no alcohol permitted on rides.  Membership is $15 for the year.  Facebook page.

Western Maine Mountain Jeepers (WMMJ) – Bethel Region

Click here to visit WMMJ website
From the Club:
 Western Maine Mountain Jeepers is a family oriented Jeep club located in Bethel Maine. Our membership includes families from all over New England. We enjoy, or rather are fanatical about, all things Jeep, from working on them to driving them over rocks, through a mud pit to that scenic overlook that requires a Jeep to get to! We can be found the first Saturday of just about every month at a trail somewhere here in New England. We both support and adhere to the Tread Lightly! program goals and guidelines.

Central Maine Jeep Owners

Click here to visit Central Maine Jeep Owners Website

From the Club:  We like to coordinate group rides and have other members plan group rides, have jeep owners ask questions and get answers, jeep owners helping fellow jeepers, sell jeep items, show off our jeeps!

Hemond’s MX & Offroad Park – Minot

Click here to visit Hemond’s MX & Offroad Park website

From the Park:  New England’s Premiere Motocross & Offroad Riding Facility.  Hemond’s has been offering a fun, family atmosphere since 2002.  Located on 600 acres, the park has two full-size motocross tracks, 10 miles of offroad trails, over 100 acres of parking, and over 400 feet of elevation change.  The park has direct access to the Minot ATV trail system, a campground, and offers many events throughout the season.

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park – Carthage

Click here to visit Rocky Mountain Terrain Park website
From the Park:
 Rocky Mountain Terrain Park is Maine’s premier off-road playground. We cater to the outdoor enthusiast 24/7 365. Located on 700 acres of Maine’s beautiful Rocky Terrain, we offer fun for the whole family with multiple courses and tracks where you can test your limits. Whether you drive a 4×4 truck, 4-wheeler, Rock Crawler, Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike, ATV, UTV, Snow Mobile, or mountain bike, our park is the place to be. In addition to off-roading, we also offer camping, guided trail trips, all-inclusive food packages, a shooting range, as well as snowcross, tubing and ice skating in the winter months! We also offer a 12 and under track.

Additional Info:  Address – 420 Winter Hill Rd, Carthage, Maine.  Phone – (207) 272-8012

Maine Motocross

Click here to visit Maine Motocross website

From the Park:  Maine Motocross is a series for the riders in (or near) the Maine area who want to race the great tracks that Maine has to offer.  Races are held at MX207, Hemond’s MX and Offroad Park, and Wheeler Spring MX.  This will be a Saturday series for riders of all skill levels to come out and have a good time racing their dirt bikes. We want to provide an affordable race day that will allow you to enjoy your time at the track racing, and the rest of the weekend. One aspect of MMX that makes it unique is the race day format.  We understand that for a single motocross racer to be at the track from 7 am-7 pm can be rather time-consuming.  The day split in half, allowing riders to be there only the first or second half of the day.  We encourage you to race with us and see for yourself what Maine Motocross is all about.

Maine 4×4

Click here to visit Maine 4×4 website
From the Club:
 Maine 4×4 Club is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to creating a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy off-roading in a safe, non-destructive, and organized manner. We practice the guidelines of TreadLightly!.

Additional Info:  Facebook page.

Northern Maine Jeep Club

Click here to visit Northern Maine Jeep Club website
From the Club:
 Northern Maine Jeep Club is just getting started.  I am looking for people with Jeeps in Maine who would like to be part of this club. We will do different events, such as meet & greets, show and shines parades, & wheeling events with convoys.

Additional Info:  Facebook Page.

MX 207 – Lyman

Click here to visit MX 207 website

From the Park:  MX207 is a Motocross Race and Training facility located in Southern Maine.  The park hosts events throughout the season.

Wheeler Spring MX – West Bowdoin

Click here to visit Wheeler Spring MX website

From the Park:  Wheeler Spring MX was originally a private “backyard” track on 5 acres.  The park was upgraded to be a safe, regulated, challenging and fun place to ride and was opened up to the general public in 2017.  Wheeler Spring MX is a family-friendly park and welcomes people of all ages and skill levels.  Plans are in place to expand opportunities for riders while staying true to the original backyard style.  It is a track for riders, by riders.

Maine Offroading

Click here to visit Maine Offroading website
From the Club:
 Maine Off is a 4 wheel drive community that enjoys all types of adventures ranging from rock crawling to trail exploration. Members range from serious off-roaders with highly modified rigs, to casual wheelers with daily drivers and stock vehicles. Maine Off provides a chance for people with similar interests to come together and do what we all enjoy in a friendly, outdoor atmosphere.


Maine off road 4x4 and Jeep trails.
The view is incredible from the top!

Do you know of any other off-road clubs or parks?  If so, please comment below and we’ll add it to the list!

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  1. Lake Region Jeeps is a newer club with experienced members located in the lakes region of Bridgton. We are a family friendly Jeep group with a love for finding trails and scenic views. We have a ride just about every month or even more often in the summer. We collaborate with CMJO on some rides as well. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram!


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