Jeep Clubs and 4×4 Off-Road Trails in Maine

Where are the 4×4 off-road trails? Several people have asked me where the offroad trails are for Jeeps and other vehicles in Maine.  You might as well be asking me for the pin number to my ATM card- I won’t tell you.  The reason is simple- we belong to a Jeep club that practices Leave … Read more

Dog Parks in Maine – On & Off Leash Locations

Looking for a place to take your favorite furry friend?  Look no further!  Here is a HUGE list of dog parks in Maine- you’re sure to find one near you!  Locations include fenced or where your dog can run free (F), places where you need to have your dog on a leash (L), and privately … Read more

2017 Maine Mud Run Schedule [by location]

Get dirty in Maine in 2017!  Here is a list of Maine’s mud runs, listed by location.  Want to print out a monthly schedule of the mud runs?  Click here for the 2017 Maine Mud Runs listed by month.  Print it out and keep on your fridge or above your visor!  Scroll down for addresses & … Read more