Step Falls, Newry Maine: Great Family Waterfall Hike

Step Falls near Grafton Notch State Park Step Falls is one of my favorite places to visit any time of year in Maine.  The hike to the falls is an easy 20-25 minutes (0.6 miles) and is perfect for families.  The lower falls are an easy hike and the last section of the upper falls …

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Baxter State Park: Katahdin Stream Falls Hike

Katahdin Stream Falls

Awesome Falls My weekend adventure brought me to Katahdin Stream Falls in Baxter State Park.  These falls are a relatively easy hike, and well worth your time when you’re visiting the park.  The trailhead for this hike is at Katahdin Stream Campground, which is popular for hikers climbing to the summit of Mount Katahdin.  The …

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Ten Minutes of Maine: Grafton Notch State Park: Screw Auger Falls

Here is a video of the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park area!  This video goes beyond just stopping and viewing the falls- I went straight down into Screw Auger Falls!  After getting wet feet and bitten by a rock, I bring you this video–enjoy!  Stay tuned for more videos from the Grafton Notch State Park …

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