What is Untamed Mainer?

The Website

Outdoor fun with the fam!

I often get asked “What is Untamed Mainer”?  I created the Untamed Mainer website to share my Maine outdoor experiences and adventures with others.  It’s a way of showing people what to expect when they venture off to hike Gulf Hagas, visit the Abandoned Locomotives of the North Maine Woods, or paddle the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.  I tell my stories through blog posts and videos that I upload to my YouTube channel.

The Person

Henry and I at the end of our 98.5 mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway canoe trip.

Simply put, an Untamed Mainer is anyone who loves going out into the great untamed Maine outdoors.  It’s a person who takes a break from their everyday “tamed” life and goes outside to recharge and experience the beauty that is all around us.  Maine is an incredible state offering mountains and ocean, trails and waterfalls.  It’s an outdoor person’s paradise.

So get off that sofa, leave your computer behind and venture outside- your next adventure awaits!

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