Visit Acadia National Park for Free!

acadiaNovember 1st begins the off-season for Acadia National Park.  That means no entrance fees to 47,000 acres of adventure on the coast of Maine!  The Park Loop Road remains open until December 1st, and unpaved roads remain open until November 15th.  Portions of the Park Loop Road remain open year round.

What can you do in Acadia National Park during the off-season?

Lots of things!  Depending on the weather and conditions, activities include bicycling, bird watching, rock climbing, EarthCache Program, hiking, horseback riding and scenic drives.

Winter activities in the park include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, scenic winter dives, snowmobiling, winter hiking, ice fishing, winter camping, dog sledding and skijoring.

Visit the Acadia National Park page for maps of the Park Loop Road, Carriage Trails,  Snowmobiling Routes, Skiing Routes and more information!

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