Video highlights from our Allagash Wilderness Waterway trip!

Join Henry & Angela on their 5 day, 98.5 mile canoe trip along the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. This video immerses you in the full adventure- class I & II whitewater rapids, paddling down bony rivers, Little Allagash & Allagash Falls, fighting treacherous conditions on open lakes, stopping over at Churchill Dam, running Chase Rapids, under bridges and chasing small fish underwater, Long Lake Dam, paddling in downpours, eagles taking flight and soaring, interrupted moose heading for the woods, crashing into “gator” rocks, and beautiful, unspoiled natural wilderness, all from our 14′ Old Town Guide canoe.

Our adventure began on DeLorme map 55, in Allagash Stream. We paddled the VERY bony stream to Allagash Lake and the other half of Allagash Stream, to Chamberlain Lake where we stayed the first night. In the morning we paddled to the Tramway and portaged there to Eagle Lake. We then paddled from Eagle Lake to Round Pond to Churchill Lake with a stopover at Churchill Depot. From Churchill Depot we ran Chase Rapids and stayed at Long Lake Dam. Following night stayed at one of the Five Finger campsites then the next day we made it to the town of Allagash!

It was the adventure of a lifetime, and the best couples therapy you’ll ever find!

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