Allagash Wilderness Waterway Video Series: Allagash Stream- UNCUT& UNEDITED!

This is the 3rd video in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway series documenting our trip to the Allagash in August 2016.  This video is completely uncut & unedited, from Day 1 of our trip starting out on Allagash Stream.

Background information about the context of this video:
This video is from the first day of our Allagash trip. While Allagash was flowing at over 750cfs, this section of the journey was particularly bony. It was very frustrating to continually hit rocks, and we often had to lead the canoe over these rocks, somewhere between 1-2 miles total. This is the section of the Allagash Stream between Little Round Pond and Chamberlain Lake. The bridge in the video is Grande Marche Road/Edmond Roy Road. My paddling skills were still quite novice on day 1, and had improved quite a bit by day 5 (especially after Chase Rapids!).

Oh, and I know how foolish I look walking around in a stream with my arms out like I’m preparing for some karate move, but it isn’t easy walking on slippery rocks in any kind of current, and I was going for every bit of balance my uncoordinated self could get!

Enjoy this uncut & unedited film, and thank you for sharing this segment of our Allagash Wilderness Waterway paddle with us!

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