Allagash Wilderness Waterway Video Series: Long Lake Dam Approach- UNCUT& UNEDITED!

This is the 4th video in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway series documenting our trip to the Allagash in August 2016.  This video is completely uncut & unedited, from Day 3 of our trip where we paddle the Northern section of Long Lake to the shore just before the VERY dangerous Long Lake Dam.

Background information about the context of this video:
This was our first trip on the Allagash, so neither of us knew what was up ahead or what to expect. Henry is a veteran paddler who practically grew up on the water, while I (Angela) grew up on the land tracking wild critters and riding ATVs and snowmobiles. I was a complete greenhorn on this trip, and was prone to freaking out when large “DANGER!” signs would appear on the shore, warning of treacherous conditions ahead (this happened twice, by the way). If you listen carefully, you will hear me threatening “I’ll jump out!” to Henry because we had no idea how close we were to the hazardous Long Lake Dam, and I was becoming GREATLY concerned we were going to get too close and be swept away in the current and over the remnants of the dam if we got much closer.

Long Lake Dam is no longer a functioning dam, but is instead in ruins creating small, beautiful rapids. The wooden remains of the dam, while innocent looking, are filled with large spikes which once held the dam together, and have torn holes in the bottoms of many a canoe paddled by someone who thought “I can make it!”

Enjoy this uncut & unedited film, and thank you for sharing this segment of our Allagash Wilderness Waterway paddle with us!


Highlights Video showing clips from our entire 98.5 mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway Trip.

Chase Rapids, a section of continuous fastwater and class I and II whitewater that stretches almost 9 miles along the Allagash River.

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