What Chase Rapids look like on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Come take a canoe ride with us (Henry & Angela) down the almost continuous 9 miles of rapids below Churchill Dam in the Northern Maine Woods known as Chase Rapids. Watch us negotiate class I and II rapids in a 14′ Old Town Guide canoe, get splashed, crash head on into rocks and bump-tap rocks below us in the shallow spots along the river. The day started out cloudy creating black water, making it hard to see some of the rocks just under the surface, but it became great practice for reading the rapids and river!

Enjoy the beautiful Maine scenery along the way and occasionally hear us communicate down the dam controlled rapids flowing at 900cfs that day, allowing us to reach speeds up to 9mph (GPS on board!). Angela, a greenhorn to canoeing, takes up the bow (and the camera controls) while Henry, an out-of-practice veteran to canoeing, takes up the stern. By the end of the run we were missing more rocks, feeling more confident, hooked on white water and already planning a return trip! (Paddle Addicts!)

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