Maine Winter Events: February 2024

Maine Winter Events: February 2024

The month of February really picks up the pace for Maine winter events! There are multiple snowmobile events, including poker runs, a charity ride, and radar runs. The National Toboggan Championships are this month, as well as some fun festivals, races, ice fishing derbies, and you can even help harvest ice the old-fashioned way at the Thompson Ice House! Or how about checking out something new: equine skijoring on the 10th at the Topsham Fairgrounds!

What is Equine Skijoring?

Picture this: a horse and rider, a rope attached to the horse, and a skier or snowboarder holding the other end of that rope. The horse takes off in a full gallop, reaching speeds up to 50mph, and the rider behind them tries to hold on while going around obstacles and over jumps- without wiping out. Talk about action-packed entertainment! Here’s a YouTube video of an equine skijoring event out in Wyoming to give you an idea of what equine skijoring is like.

Have a fantastic February in Maine, and I hope to see you out at some of these fantastic Maine winter events!

Maine Winter Events February 2024

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