Maine Ice Fishing Derbies 2024

The Maine Ice Fishing Derbies 2024 Season is Here!

It’s time to dig your traps out of the garage, rinse out your bait bucket, and get ready for the Maine Ice Fishing Derbies 2024 season! Here is a list of all the derbies that have registered so far. Check back often as I’ll update the list as more derby dates come in!

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DateSponsor & Contact InfoWater Body, Town, Weigh-In Location, Additional Info
January 6, 2024Sponsor: Anson-North Anson Snowmobile Club

Contact: John Nelson
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Sandy Pond – Embden

Weigh-in: Sandy Pond boat ramp
January 27 – 28, 2024Sponsor: Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Contact: Paul G Bernier
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Carr Pond, Portage Lake, Saint John River, Beau Lake, Glazier Lake, Cross Lake, Square Lake, Saint Froid Lake, Eagle Lake, Long Lake

Weigh-in: Lakeview Restaurant – St. Agatha, BC Pit Stop – Eagle Lake, Misty Meadows Store (Muskie only) US Route 1, Joe’s Country Store (Muskie only ) – St Francis
January 27, 2024Sponsor: 
Hollandstrong Community Foundation

Contact: Deb Roberts
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Wilson Lake

Weigh-in: Derby Shack at public boat launch on Wilson Lake in Wilton
January 27, 2024
Sponsor: Calais Lions Club

Contact: Colin Brown
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Round Pond, Charlotte

Weigh-in: boat landing on Charlotte Road
January 27, 2024
Operation ReBoot Outdoors

Contact: Nicole Waite
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Great Pond – Hancock

Weigh-in: Main Lodge
January 27 – 28, 2024Sponsor: Lake Thompson Fish & Game

Contact: Cynthia Ouellette
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters – Statewide

Weigh-in: 44 Paine Road, Oxford, Maine 04270
February 2 – 4, 2024Sponsor: The Natural Resource Education Center at Moosehead

Contact: Sarah Lavigne
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Moosehead Lake

Weigh-in: Bartley’s Event Center – Greenville, Moosehead Bait and Tackle – Rockwood
February 2, 2024 (weather date of February 11)Sponsor: 
American Legion Post 55

Contact: Michael Ward
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Holland Pond (Sokokis Lake) – Limerick

Weigh-in: Boat Launch, Rte. 11
February 3, 2024

 Mount Vernon Fire Company

Contact: Chris Tibbetts
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Flying Pond, Echo Lake, Long Pond, Torsey Lake “Greeley Pond” and Minnehonk Pond all in Mt. Vernon

Weigh-in: 7 Belgrade Road, Mt. Vernon
February 3, 2024
Sponsor: Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club, Inc.

Contact: Susan Rogers
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Portage Lake

Weigh-in: Portage Lake SC Groomers Shed – 8 School Rd, Portage Lake
February 3 – 4, 2024Sponsor: Pushaw Lake Snowmobile Club

Contact: Bruce Caswell
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Pushaw Lake and Pushaw Pond (Little) – Hudson

Weigh-in: Pushaw Lake Snowmobile Club
February 3, 2024Sponsor: Hillside Sports Club

Contact: Robert Jacques
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Long Pond, Livermore

Weigh-in: 736 Federal Road, Livermore
February 3, 2024Sponsor: 
Sheepscot Lake Fish and Game Association

Contact: Rodney Glidden
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Statewide

Weigh-in: Club House 1579 Route 3 (Sheepscot Lake Boat Landing)
February 4, 2024 (weather date of February 11)Sponsor: Town of Oakland – Recreation Department – KIDS ONLY DERBY

Contact: Eric Seekins
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Messalonskee, Salmon, McGrath, North, East, and Long – Oakland, Sidney, and Belgrade

Weigh-in: Atwood Elementary School, Heath Street, Oakland
February 4, 2024
Sponsor: 2024 Lake Pennessewassee Ice Fishing Derby

Contact: Brynn Bean
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Lake Pennesseewassee – Norway

Weigh-in: Boat Launch of Lake Pennesseewassee
February 10 (weather date of February 24)Sponsor: Standish Fish & Game Club

Contact: Sandra Fecteau
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Horne Pond

Weigh-in: Moy-Mo-Da-Yo facilities
February 10, 2024
Springvale Fish and Game Club

Contact: Jon Gielarowski
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Mousam and Square Lakes in Acton

Weigh-in: Iron Tails Saloon
February 10, 2024
Sponsor: Royal River Rod & Gun Club

Contact: Will Bartlett
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Lower Range Pond – Poland

Weigh-in: Lower Range Pond State Park
February 10, 2024
Hardwater Hitmen

Contact: Randy Sullivan
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Messalonskee – Oakland. Great Pond – Belgrade. North Pond – Smithfield. Long Pond – Rome. Ingham Pond – Mount Vernon.

Weigh-in: Messalonskee public boat launch (Sidney)
February 10, 2024Sponsor: Pine Grove Programs

Contact: Andrea Howe
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Wyman Lake – Bingham, Moscow, Pleasant Ridge

Weigh-in: Bingham General Store
February 10 – 25, 2024Sponsor: 1st Annual New England Ice Fishing Championship

Contact: Kasey Esposito
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters, Statewide

Weigh-in: Online or at 76 Riverside Ave, Gilman, VT 05904
February 10, 2024Sponsor: New Sharon Snow Riders

Matthew Lemieux
Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Crowell Pond, New Sharon

Weigh-in: On the ice, Crowell Pond, New Sharon
February 11, 2024
Sponsor: Lovell Lions Club

Contact: John Bacchiocchi
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Kezar Lake

Weigh-in: Pleasant Point Beach, Kezar Lake
February 11, 2024
Pennessewassee Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Contact: Travis Turgeon
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Pennesseewassee Lake

Weigh-in: Pennessewassee Lake State Park
February 11, 2024Sponsor: 
Phippsburg Sportsmen’s Association

Reginald Read
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All legal waters in Sagadahoc County

Weigh-in: Phippsburg Sportsmen’s Association, 272 Main Rd, Phippsburg
February 17 – 18, 2024Sponsor: Milo Fire Department

Contact: Leon Brown
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Boyd Lake, Ebeemee Lake, Seboeis Lake & Schoodic Lake

Weigh-in: Lake view Village, Knights Landing & Milo Fire Station
February 17, 2024
Sponsor: St. Michael’s School

Contact: Brian Castonguay
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Messalonskee Lake

Weigh-in: Snow Pond Center of the Arts

Total Cash Prize Amount: Adult Biggest Pike:1st.$1200 2nd.$600 3rd.$300. Adult Biggest Pan Fish:1st.$200 2nd.$100 3rd.$50. Adult Cold Water Fish (Trout, Salmon):1st.$1000 2nd.$500 3rd.$250. Kids Biggest Pike:1st.$300 2nd.$150 3rd.$75. Kids Biggest Cold Water:1st$300.2nd$150.3rd$75
February 17, 2024
Roxbury ATV Riders Club

Contact: Michael Hansen
207-507-1628 or 207-951-5034
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Ellis (Roxbury) Pond

Weigh-in: Roxbury Pond Boat Launch
February 17, 2024
Sponsor: Jacob Aitken Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament

Contact: Whitney Aitken
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Swan Lake – Swanville

Weigh-in: boat landing Swan Lake
February 17, 2024
Sponsor: Wilton Fish & Game

Contact: Deborah Rowe
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Wilson Pond – Wilton

Weigh-in: registration shack at the boat launch
February 17 – 18, 2024Sponsor: Slim’s Fishing Derby

Contact: Jesse Larrabee
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters in Hancock County

Weigh-in: Toddy Pond Public Landing
February 17 – 18, 2024Sponsor: 
Hartland Volunteer Fire Department

Contact: Glen Carmichael
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Moose Pond – Hartland, Morrill Pond – Hartland & Indian Pond – St Albans

Weigh-in: HVFD 43 Canaan Road, Hartland
February 17 – 18, 2024Sponsor: Dexter Fish & Game

Contact: Peter Nicholas
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Big & Little Wassookeag – Dexter

Weigh-in: Lakeshore Restaurant, 16 Crockett Rd, Dexter
February 17 – 18, 2024Sponsor: Sebago Lake Rotary Club – Cumberland County Waters

Contact: Sebago Lake Rotary Club
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters in Cumberland County

Weigh-in: Raymond Beach, Standish Boat Ramp & Jordan Store Sebago

Additional Info: derby rules at:
February 17, 2024
Goodwins Mills Firefighter Relief Association

Contact: Philip Daniels
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Kennebunk Pond, Lyman

Weigh-in: Boat Launch
February 17, 2024Sponsor: Seven Tree Derby

Contact: Jeremy Gammon / Daniel Mushrall
207-542-9059 – 207-975-3553
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Seven Tree Pond, Warren / Union

Weigh-in: South end of pond behind 1454 Middle Road
February 18, 2024
Sponsor: China Four Season

Contact: Darrell Wentworth
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: China Lake

Weigh-in: China Village Fire Department
February 18, 2024Sponsor: 
Spectrum Generations Muskie Community Center

Contact: Sandra MacDonald
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Statewide

Weigh-in: 38 Gold Street, Waterville, ME 04901
February 18, 2024
Sponsor: The Benedicta Snow Gang

Kimberley Joyce
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Plunkett Pond, Benedicta

Weigh-in: Red Ice Shack by boat launch
February 18, 2024
Sponsor: Camp Laughing Loon

Contact: Keara White
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Little Ossipee Lake, Waterboro

Weigh-in: Camp Laughing Loon

Total Cash Prize Amount: *kids only event* participants 3-15 years old
February 24, 2024

 Traps for Kids

Contact: Jeffrey Witham
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Pennesseewassee – Norway

Weigh-in: boat ramp
February 24, 2024
Sponsor: Mt. Tir’em Lodge #132

Contact: Patrick Lawler
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters

Weigh-in: Keoka Beach, Waterford, Maine
February 24, 2024
Sponsor: Norway/Paris Fish & Game

Contact: Cynthia Ouellette
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Legal Waters – Statewide

Weigh-in: Norway-Paris Fish and Game Clubhouse, 744 Buckfield Rd, South Paris, Maine
February 25, 2024
Sponsor: AJ Davis Memorial Ice Fishing Derby

Contact: Scott Davis
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Shaker Pond – Alfred

Weigh-in: Launch/Boat Area
March 1 – 3, 2024
Greenville Fire Department Association

Contact: Brittany Gould
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Moosehead Lake

Weigh-in: Greenville Fire Dept, 10 Minden Street, Greenville
March 2, 2024
Sponsor: Cony Project Graduation 2024

Sharalyn Shay Freeman
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Cobbosseecontee and Little Cobbosseecontee Lakes

Weigh-in: YMCA Camp, Winthrop; Monmouth Boat Landing, Turtle Run Winthrop
March 2 – 9, 2024
Sponsor: Blue Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

Contact: Brian Scott
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Moosehead Lake, Rockwood & Greenville

Weigh-in: Moosehead Bait and Tackle

Total Cash Prize Amount: $1,000
March 2, 2024
Sponsor: Tremont Consolidated School 8th Graders

Contact: Tonya Prentice
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: All Mount Desert Island ponds open to fishing

Weigh-in: Tremont Consolidated School, 119 Tremont Rd, Bass Harbor
March 2, 2024
Sponsor: Little Tim’s Ice Fishing Derby

Contact: Cherri Crockett
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Worthley Pond – Peru

Weigh-in: 153 E Shore Rd, The Farm Event Barn, Peru
March 3, 2024
Sponsor: Town of Smithfield & North Pond Association

Contact: Nicole Clark and Joshua Dostie
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: North Pond, Smithfield

Weigh-in: 826 Village Road, Smithfield
March 9, 2024
Operation ReBoot Outdoors

Contact: Nicole Waite
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Ellis (Roxbury) Pond, Roxbury

Weigh-in: Ellis Pond Public Beach
March 16, 2024
Sponsor: Madawaska Ambulance Service / Town of Madawaska

Contact: Jessica Page
Bodies of Water(s)/Town: Long Lake – Saint Agatha & T17 R3 WELS, Aroostook

Weigh-in: Birch Point Beach

Total Cash Prize Amount: *for kids only* Event for participants under the age of 16
Maine Ice Fishing Derbies 2024 - Get That Fish!

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