Coos Canyon: Maine’s Popular Roadside Stop and Gold Panning Location

Coos Canyon, Byron, Maine.
Coos Canyon, Byron, Maine.

People pan for gold in Maine?

You bet, at Coos Canyon, a very popular roadside stop along the Swift River in Byron!  This hidden gem is definitely worth the trip.  This scenic stop is a 500-yard gorge that sits right next to the road.  It’s a great place to stretch your legs or have lunch.  The gorge features rock crystals, potholes, hydraulic erosion features and a 15-foot waterfall.  Aside from panning for gold in the river, many visitors enjoy swimming in the canyon.

Coos Canyon bridge.
View of the bridge from the picnic area.


People on the bridge. The man on the right with the camera is photographing the falls. Just beyond the green tree are the parking lot and picnic area.

More About Coos Canyon

The parking lot is large and there are picnic tables on the riverbank and restroom facilities.  A small bridge leading to Coos Canyon Campground offers another fantastic view of this unique natural feature.  Talk to the folks at the rock shop across the road if you’re interested in trying your hand at gold panning!  While you’re in the area consider checking out Height of Land scenic overlook, just 14 minutes north.

Swift River, Maine
The Swift River reflecting the fall foliage.


Coos Canyon, Maine.
Dedication plaque.


Coos Canyon rest area in Maine.
Aja sitting in the picnic area, the Swift River and Coos Canyon are just beyond the fence.


Coos Canyon waterfall Byron Maine
Another beautiful view of the canyon.



Maine you can't get there from here.
You can’t get there from here!


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