Road Trip: Maine Four Corners Experience Tour

Die-hard road-trippers only

Are you ready for a mega summer road trip challenge? Well here is a great one for you- visit the four corners of the state of Maine!

The Madawaska Four Corners Park is landmark dedicated to long-distance motorcycle riders completing the Southern California Motorcycling Association’s Four Corner Tour. The tour takes riders over an estimated 9,000 miles to all four corners of the United States- San Ysidro, California; Blaine, Washington; Key West, Florida, and Madawaska, Maine.  Madawaska is the only town out of the four corners of the U.S. to have a park dedicated to long-distance travelers.

If you’re not up for sight-seeing 9,000 miles of the United States, the park has another tour- The Experience Tour that reaches the four corners of Maine.

One town on a mission

The town of Madawaska came together to create the park, spearheaded by Joe Lachance. Many businesses and residents of Madawaska donated countless hours to the park which opened in 2008. The park is operated by a non-profit organization that created the Maine Four Corners Experience Tour.

About the Maine Four Corners Experience Tour

The Maine Four Corners Experience Tour is a self-paced challenge that crosses about 630 miles of the state.  The four corner locations you must visit are:

  • Lubec Post Office
  • Kittery Trading Post
  • Grafton Notch State Park
  • Four Corners Park in Madawaska

To officially complete the tour you must first print off the registration form and send in $50 per participant along with a notarized waiver. Those who register and complete the challenge will receive a Maine Four Corners Experience Tour T-shirt, a certificate signed by the Governor of Maine, and your name added to the official list of tour finishers on the website.

The tour can be on a motorcycle or in your vehicle, and you must collect and show gas receipts from all four corner towns. Since there aren’t any gas stations in the Grafton Notch area, you must fuel up in Bethel. You must also take a photo of your vehicle at the landmarks.  Also, those who complete the challenge can purchase a granite paver with your name on it which will be placed in the park for all visitors to see.

Experience the outdoors at the same time

Make your tour a complete adventure, pack a tent and go camping at various different locations along the way! There are many state parks which offer camping and incredible scenic hiking trails. Tap here for a list of state parks and maps.

Maine Four Corners Experience Tour Party

This year the organization will host a Maine Four Corners Experience Tour party right at the Madawaska Information Center. Complete the tour by June 23rd to attend for free.  Those who haven’t completed the challenge can attend for $5 to cover the cost of food and beverages. The party includes a parade of those who finished and a live band and dance held at the park. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

This article was featured in the Summer 2018 issue of UNTAMED Maine Magazine! 

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