Maine Shooting Ranges

Take Aim Discover a wide range of disciplines, matches and hunting opportunities at Maine’s shooting ranges.  Here is a complete list of Maine shooting ranges, including Privately Operated Ranges, Licensed Commercial Shooting Areas, and State Operated Ranges. Privately Operated Shooting Ranges in Maine Presque Isle Fish & Game Club 360 Parsons Road, Presque Isle Contact: Dick Fortier … Read more

Tracking Whitetail Deer in Maine

Big BuckThere are a lot of things you can learn by reading whitetail deer tracks.  Whether you’re a hunter or wildlife watcher, knowing the story behind the tracks will give you a better chance of seeing these beautiful and often elusive creatures.

How to tell a buck track from a doe track

It certainly isn’t a science when it comes to figuring out the difference between a buck and a doe track- it’s an art.  As with most art, you can end up with more than one opinion.  That said, there are characteristics that shed

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