Becoming a Maine Guide 3: Outdoor Survival & Lost People

The GIT crew trying out Henry's shelter. Photo credit Alice's Awesome Adventures.
The GIT crew trying out Henry’s shelter. Photo credit: Alice’s Awesome Adventures.

The adventure continues on our journey to become Registered Maine Guides!  Our next step was an outdoor class day with Alice’s Awesome Adventures and other Guides in Training (GIT’s).  We covered a lot of ground (literally) with topics including compass and navigation, outdoor survival, and learning about different cross country ski and snowshoe types.  Joining us was newly Registered Maine Guide Tina, who offered a lot of helpful insight and added fun to the day!

You can’t choose the weather

Luckily it was raining for a good portion of the day so we got the full Maine outdoor experience.  We had the opportunity to try and draw a map

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Becoming a Maine Guide 2: How to Tip Over a Canoe

The GIT crew before a great day of fun! Photo courtesy of Alice's Awesome Adventures
The GIT crew showing our shoes on canoes before a great day of fun!
Photo courtesy of Alice’s Awesome Adventures

Learning new skills

It was finally time for our first day of class in the field.  Henry and I had quite a long drive to get to the meeting site, with a stop at my parent’s house to drop off our son and the dog for the day.  Needless to say, we arrived in Brunswick at the Mill Street Canoe Portage on the Androscoggin River skidding in sideways and barely on time.

It was cold as hell and I was surprised I didn’t see ice forming on the river banks.  We kicked things off learning the various types of paddles and canoes, as well as

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Becoming a Maine Guide 1: The Adventure Begins

Better put on a pot of coffee!

Henry and I decided we wanted to become Registered Maine Guides.  We both have a strong love for the outdoors, and we go on wild adventures every chance we get.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping others connect with the Maine outdoors, and we love to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.  Becoming a Registered Maine Guide is a great way to share our passion for the outdoors with others, and make money doing something we love.

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