5 Top Snowmobile Destinations in Maine

See Maine Natural Wonders and Historic Landmarks by Snowmobile!

Maine’s incredible network of snowmobile trails leads to everything from scenic overlooks and waterfalls to abandoned trains deep in the woods.  Snowmobile trails lead directly to or within a short walk of the top snowmobile destinations in Maine listed below.  Come explore the best places to visit in Maine by snowmobile this winter!

5 Top Snowmobile Destinations in Maine

1.  The Abandoned Locomotives @ Chamberlain Lake

Getting to the abandoned trains in the North Maine Woods is a long drive in the summertime, but in the winter, it becomes a whole new adventure.  First, the trails to the trains can change daily based on weather conditions and regular logging activity in the winter.  But if you’re up for the challenge, they’re well worth the trip!  Here are the directions to the locomotives by snowmobile.

2.  Coburn Mountain @ The Forks

Prepare for a breathtaking view at the top of Coburn Mountain, the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine.  At 3,717 feet, the fire tower at the summit offers 360-degree views of the surrounding areas, including Mt. Katahdin.  There are two sections to this trail.  One is an easy ride to the radio repeater tower.  The final mile to the summit is very narrow and conditions can vary greatly depending on current conditions.  While there isn’t a view on a cloudy day like the photo below, it’s still beautiful!

The summit of Coburn Mountain on a cloudy day. With snow and ice frozen to the trees it was still beautiful!

3.  B-52 Crash Site @ Greenville

Not far outside of Greenville on the side of Elephant Mountain are the remains of a United States Air Force B-52C Stratofortress that crashed in 1963.  The site serves as a memorial to the 7 who perished and 2 who survived the crash, which happened in January, with nighttime temps dropping to -28F.  Tons of debris from the crash remain at the site, both on the ground and grown up and into the trees.  These include the landing gear and tires, wing sections, control panels, and a slate memorial for the fallen crew members that sits near the largest debris, the gunner’s compartment.

4.  Moxie Falls @ The Forks

A nice, short spur trail will bring you to Moxie Falls outside The Forks.  At 90 feet, Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls.  The site has a nice viewing platform across the gorge from the falls for a fantastic frozen view!

5.  Cunningham Mountains Scenic View @ Shin Pond

You’ll find the trail to the summit of Cunningham Mountains at the southeast end of the Libby Pinnacle Loop up a spur trail off 71D near ITS 85.  At 1,171 feet above it all, you’ll have views of Grand Lake Seboeis, Millimagassett Lake, Scraggly Lake, and other nearby peaks.


Mount Katahdin in the Winter.
The view of Mount Katahdin from Abol Bridge.

Get the sleds ready and head for the logging roads of the North Maine Woods out of Millinocket!  Follow the Golden Road to Abol Bridge, where you’ll find a nice, big parking lot and incredible views of Mt Katahdin!  Trails cross Abol Bridge, around the Baxter State Park Tote Road, and along the Katahdin Loop Trail for hundreds of miles of scenic sledding.

Click here for the Maine Snow Depth Map and other Maine Snowmobiling resources!

Where are your top snowmobile destinations in Maine?

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