Snowmobile Maine’s Moose Loop Trail

Maine’s Longest Snowmobile Loop Trail

Located in the Moosehead Lake region, the Moose Loop Trail is Maine’s longest snowmobile loop trail.  You can ride anywhere from 138 to 166 miles, depending on the route you take.  The Moosehead Lake Region usually gets over 100 inches of snowfall each year making this area a prime destination for snowmobilers.  The Moose Loop Trail circles around Moosehead Lake.  A cutoff trail runs through Rockwood and past Mt. Kineo for those looking for a shorter trip.  A quick trail runs part of the way up Mt. Kineo for a beautiful view of the region.

Beautiful Views & Side Trips

The Moose Loop Trail passes through the towns of Greenville, Rockwood, Seboomook, Northeast Carry, and Kokadjo.  Some parts of the loop are ITS trails, others are local snowmobile club trails.  There are many scenic views along the Moose Loop Trail aside from Mount Kineo.  Other notable stops include historic Pittston Farm, B-52 Crash Site & Memorial, and numerous scenic views along the way.

There are several other great trail rides in the Moosehead Region.  The Route 66 half-loop is around 55 miles long and makes a loop from Kokadjo to Rockwood to Greenville and back.  Along the way take a side trip to see historic Katahdin Ironworks by taking ITS 85/86 to the ITS 110 connector trail.  The B-52 Crash Site on Elephant Mountain is also located close to the loop.  It can be visited by following ITS 85/86 towards Wilson Ponds.

Moose Loop Trail
Maine’s Moose Loop Trail circles around Moosehead Lake.  The Moose Loop is indicated in the image above by snowflakes with the letter “M” in them.

What to Know Before You Go

It is important to note that snowmobile trail routes can change daily.  Things like weather conditions (not enough snow, flooding), logging operations, and landowners can change the trails at any time.  Always check with the local snowmobile clubs for the most updated trail information.  As always stay to the right, don’t drink and ride, be prepared, and respect landowners by carrying out all trash and staying on marked trails so they stay open!

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2020 2021 Maine Snowmobile Trail Map Atlas

Mt. Kineo on Moosehead Lake
View of Mt. Kineo from Moosehead Lake.

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