Why you have to stop at Smalls Falls, Maine

 Beautiful Roadside Stop

Smalls Falls Maine
Smalls Falls drops 36 feet.


Smalls Falls is located not far from Rangeley just off Route 4.  The short hike to the falls takes about one minute and is incredibly easy, making it great for kids.  A sign clearly marks the Smalls Falls rest stop entrance. [Update: We’ve had some reports that the sign is missing.  Keep your eyes open and your GPS on so you don’t miss it!]  The parking area is big and includes picnic tables and restroom facilities.  Just beyond the parking lot is the trail to the falls, which you can hear roaring when you get out of your vehicle.  The trail leads to a small bridge which offers an incredible view of Smalls Falls.  The more adventurous folks can follow the trail beyond the bridge up the bank to the top of the falls for an incredible view.  This is also a popular swimming hole.

Smalls Falls parking area.
View of the parking area. The river is on the left and Smalls Falls are just beyond the vehicle in the photo.

More Information about Smalls Falls

The rest area is a beautiful spot along the Sandy River.  There is a chain link fence running up hill to the head of Smalls Falls, which are two waterfalls.  The trail to the top is steep and there are some tree roots you’ll have to navigate.  The total drop of both falls combined is 36 feet.  Click here for Google’s directions to the falls.  While you’re in the area check out Rangeley Lake State Park.

Smalls Falls bridge.
The bridge at the falls. The parking area is just up the stairs in the upper right of the photo.


Smalls Falls upper falls.
The upper section of the falls you will see if you follow the bank.


Smalls Falls trail terrain.
A view of the terrain you have to climb to reach the upper part of the falls.


Smalls Falls top falls.
Another section of the upper falls.


Smalls Falls footbridge.
View of the footbridge down below. Looking from the top of the falls.

Have you visited Smalls Falls?

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