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Paddle Maine’s Moose River Loop & Bow Trip


Get insider information about paddling one of Maine’s most breathtaking water trails, the Moose River Loop & Bow Trip in Jackman!  This 72-page printable book is available for instant download and features everything you need to know before you go, including the most accurate and detailed map of the trip you will find anywhere!  The map comes in 2 formats- digital for close-up viewing on your phone, tablet or computer, and a printable map which measures 12″ x 19″ when assembled.

This interactive book comes packed with extra features.   View it on your smartphone, tablet or computer and watch exclusive video content only accessible through this book, and precise GPS coordinates that you can tap on to get instant Google Maps driving directions from your location to both put-in sites.  It also includes things to know before you go, what to bring, a float plan, detailed information about each section of the river, and 86 full-color photos of images from the trip and reference photos so you know what to expect and look for!

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  • Trip overview including the number of miles for each trip, days to complete, information about the rapids, portages, hazards to look out for, fees, who to contact to get your vehicle from Holeb Landing to Attean Landing (you can contact them directly from inside the book!), and emergency contact numbers
  • A 12″x19″ full-color printable map that shows:
    • Access roads to parking areas
    • The paddle route for both trips
    • Portage trail routes
    • Nearby hiking trails
    • Campsites
    • Day use sites
    • Boat launches
    • Hand carry launches
    • Points of reference
    • Rapids
    • Waterfalls
    • Natural springs
  • A larger 24″x38″ high-quality map made for up-close viewing of all sections of the route using a tablet, smartphone, or computer (download it to your portable device and bring it with you on the trip!)
  • Precise GPS coordinates linked to Google Maps for instant driving directions from your location to put-in parking areas and hard-to-find portage trailheads and turns in the river
  • Things to know before you go like:
    • What to bring (and what NOT to bring)
      • Essential gear
      • Clothing
      • Food
      • Personal Items
    • How to pack your gear
    • Camping information
  • A 2-page printable float plan you can use for this and all of your paddle adventures
  • Detailed information about each section of the trip including:
    • Distance
    • Number of campsites
    • Number of day-use sites
    • Points of interest
    • Directions
    • Insider information
  • Exclusive video footage only accessible by people who buy this book, all free of those annoying YouTube ads
  • Detailed full-color photos showing the incredible beauty of the area, portage trailheads, and reference points along the route, all with descriptions

Interactive features work best when viewed with Adobe Acrobat which you can download for any device for free here.

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