Maine Waterfalls- 6 Easy to Reach & Roadside Falls

One of my favorite things to do is check out Maine’s incredible waterfalls.  This list includes many that are roadside stops, and others that require a short hike to see.  All of the hikes to the falls are family-friendly and very short.  Here is a list of some of my favorite quick and easy waterfalls to see around Maine!

1. Smalls Falls, Township E

Smalls Falls in Maine.
Smalls Falls.

Not far from Rangeley you will find Smalls Falls, a nice roadside stop with plenty of parking, picnic tables and facilities.  The falls are located just beyond the parking area.  Although they only drop a total of 36 feet, they are an incredible sight and always worth the stop!

2. Snow Falls, West Paris

Snow Falls.
Snow Falls.

Another beautiful roadside waterfalls stop is Snow Falls.  While the falls aren’t huge with a total drop of 25 feet, they are definitely beautiful.  A nice bridge crosses the river.  On the other side you can see where the river splits and goes around ledge to form two different waterfalls.

3. Moxie Falls, The Forks

Moxie Falls in Maine.
Moxie Falls.

At 90 feet high, Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls.  A nice, large parking area is located just outside of The Forks.  The hike in to the falls is easy and great for families at just over half a mile long.  Wooden stairs and viewing platforms are located at the top of the gorge to view the falls.

4. Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch State Park

Screw Auger Falls in Maine.
Screw Auger Falls.

This is a popular roadside waterfall stop located in the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park area.  The two falls drop a total of 30 feet into the gorge below.  If you’re there during the right season you can climb down into the gorge for some incredible photos!

5. Coos Canyon, Byron

Coos Canyon waterfall Byron Maine
Coos Canyon.

Here is another popular roadside waterfall stop.  This waterfall cuts through a beautiful 500-yard gorge with a total drop of 15 feet.  The rocks are filled with potholes and crystals, and people even pan for gold here!

6. Step Falls, Newry

Step Falls waterfall in Maine
Step Falls

I have to stop and check out Step Falls every time I’m in the area.  The falls are located just over a half-mile from the parking area and it’s a relatively easy family hike.  The falls cascade over large boulders that you can stand on for incredible views.

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