Maine Ice Fishing Derbies 2021

It’s Time for the 2021 Ice Fishing Season!

The dates are rolling in and it’s time to start making plans to catch some fish and win some cash!  Grab your gear and get out on the ice this winter!

Below is the most current list of fishing derbies by date.  This list is updated as new dates roll in so check back regularly!

2021 Maine Ice Fishing Derbies


January 16-17, 2021

Sponsor: Dexter Fish & Game
Contact: Peter Nicholas  207-924-5082
Bodies of Water/Town:  Lake Wassookeag (Big & Little)
Weigh-in: K.C. Hall – Route 23 Dexter
Total Cash Prizes: $1,875

January 23, 2021

Sponsor: Pine Grove Programs
Contact: Andrea Howe  207-672-4011
Bodies of Water/Town:  Wyman Lake
Weigh-in:  Pleasant Ridge Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $2,000

January 23-24, 2021

Sponsor: Great Moose Lake Derby
Contact: Randy Lary  207-487-7237
Bodies of Water/Town:  Morrill Pond, Indian P (Little & Big), Moose Pond
Weigh-in: Irving Community Center in Hartland
Total Cash Prizes: $1,000

January 29-31, 2021

Sponsor: The Natural Resource Ed Center 14th Annual Moosehead Lake Togue Derby with Ricky Craven
Contact: Sarah Lavigne  207-404-3663
Bodies of Water/Town:  Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Rockwood
Weigh-in: Moosehead Bait & Tackle, Rockwood
Total Cash Prizes: $2,250

January 30, 2021

Sponsor: Hollandstrong
Contact: Deb Roberts  207-491-0827
Bodies of Water/Town: Wilson Lake/ Wilton Maine
Weigh-in: Boat Launch on Wilson Lake
Total Cash Prizes: $3,000

Sponsor: Standish Fish and Game Club
Contact: James Fickett Jr.  207-714-0880
Bodies of Water/Town:  Horne Pond/ Limington
Weigh-in: Public Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $2,300

January 30-31, 2021

Sponsor: Black Bear Rod & Gun Club
Contact: Paul Bernier  207-547-6332
Bodies of Water/Town:  Carr Pond, Portage Lake, St John’s River, Beau Lake, Glazier Lake, Cross Lake, Square Lake, St. Froid Lake, Eagle Lake, Long Lake
Weigh-in: Long Lake Sporting Club (Sinclair), Joe’s Country Store (St. Francis)(Muskie Only)
Total Cash Prizes: $20,000!


February 6, 2021

Sponsor: Denmark Rod and Gun Club
Contact:  John Wiesemann  207-890-6923
Bodies of Water/Town:  Pickerel Pond, Little Moose Pond, Sand Pond, Pleasant Pond, Moose Pond, Beaver Pond, Hancock Pond/ Denmark
Weigh-in:  Town Office
Total Cash Prizes: $4,000

February 6-7, 2021

Sponsor: Pushaw Lake Snowmobile Club
Contact:  Raymond Simpson  207-355-1630
Bodies of Water/Town:  Pushaw Lake and Little Pushaw Pond/ Bangor, Old Town, Hudson, Glenburn, and Orono
Weigh-in:  Pushaw Lake Snowmobile Club Whitmore Landing Road, Hudson
Total Cash Prizes: $350

February 7, 2021

Sponsor: American Legion Post 55
Contact:  Michael Ward  207-608-5837
Bodies of Water/Town:  Holland Pond/ Limerick
Weigh-in:  Boat Launch on Route 11
Total Cash Prizes: 50% of Ticket Sales and $300 for Children

Sponsor: Sons of the American Legion Post 42
Contact:  Ryan Coffin  207-563-6988
Bodies of Water/Town:  All Legal waters Statewide
Weigh-in:  American Legion Post 42
Total Cash Prizes: $400

Sponsor: Town of Oakland- Recreation Department
Contact:  Eric Seekins  207-465-7357
Bodies of Water/Town:  Long Pond, East Pond, Great Pond, North Pond, Mcgrath Pond, Salmon Lake, Messalonskee/ Belgrade, Oakland, Sidney
Weigh-in:  TBA
Total Cash Prizes: $200

February 13, 2021

Sponsor: Wilton Fish & Game Association
Contact: Deborah Rowe  207-779-7721
Bodies of Water/Town:  Wilson Pond, Wilton
Weigh-in: Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $1,500

Sponsor: Blaine Grass Lambert Lake Ice Derby
Contact:  William Coulter  603-568-5260
Bodies of Water/Town:  Lambert Lake
Weigh-in:  Front Camp on Lambert Lake
Total Cash Prizes: Money collected from registrations

February 13-14, 2021

Sponsor: Hooligan Riders Trademark
Contact: Tom Craves  207-805-4029
Bodies of Water/Town:  Sebago Lake (Little)/ Gray and Windham
Weigh-in: Angler Road Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $750

Sponsor: Milo Fire Department
Contact:  Leon Brown  207-943-6055
Bodies of Water/Town:  Boyd Lake, Ebeemee Lake, Sebois Lake and Schoodic Lake/ Orneville TWP, Brownville, Lake View plt., and T4 R9 NWP
Weigh-in: Lakeview Village
Total Cash Prizes: $3,800

Sponsor: Slim’s Fishing Derby
Contact: Jesse Larrabee 207-348-6133
Bodies of Water/Town:  All legal waters in Hancock County
Weigh-in: Toddy Pond Public Landing
Total Cash Prizes: $3,500

February 14, 2021

Sponsor: Spectrum Generations
Contact:  Sandra Macdonald 207-873-4745
Bodies of Water/Town:  All Legal Waters – Statewide
Weigh-in: 38 Gold St, Waterville, Maine
Total Cash Prizes: $2,200+

Sponsor:  China Four Season Club
Contact: Darrell Wentworth  207-649-7432
Bodies of Water/Town:  China Lake/ China
Weigh-in:  China Fire Station
Total Cash Prizes: $800

Sponsor: Lovell Lions Club
Contact: Colin Micklon  207-925-1075
Bodies of Water/Town:  Kezar Lake
Weigh-in: Pleasant Point Road
Total Cash Prizes: $1,000

February 20-21, 2021

Sponsor: Hartland Volunteer Fire Department
Contact: Charles Gould  207-938-3872
Bodies of Water/Town: Great Moose Lake, Morrill Pond, Indian Pond/ Harmony, Hartland, and Saint Albans
Weigh-in: Hartland Fire Station
Total Cash Prizes: $85

Sponsor: Sebago Lake Rotary – Charitable
Contact:  Ingo Hartig 207-655-7733
Bodies of Water/Town: Sebago lake/ Raymond, Casco, Naples, Sebago, Standish, Windham
Weigh-in: Raymond Beach, Standish Boat Ramp, and Jordans Store
Total Cash Prizes: $10,000!

February 21, 2021

Sponsor: Kezar Falls Fire Department
Contact: Tony Townsend  207-256-2721
Bodies of Water/Town: Bickford Pond/ Porter
Weigh-in: Champion’s Camp
Total Cash Prizes: $900

February 27, 2021

Sponsor: Harrison Recreation
Contact: Kayla Laird  207-583-2241
Bodies of Water/Town:  Long Lake, Harrison
Weigh-in: Harrison Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $3,500

Sponsor: Snow Pond Center for the Arts
Contact:  Mike Guarino  844-476-6976 ext# 207
Bodies of Water/Town:  Messalonskee, North Pond, East Pond, Long Pond, Salmon Lake, Mcgrath Pond, Great Pond/ Belgrade, Sidney, Oakland, Rome, and Mount Vernon
Weigh-in: Snow Pond Center
Total Cash Prizes: $5,000

February 27-28, 2021

Sponsor: Norway/Paris Fish and Game
Contact: Cynthia Ouellette  207-485-6347
Bodies of Water/Town:  Statewide all legal waters
Weigh-in: 744 Buckfield Rd, South Paris
Total Cash Prizes: $400


March 6, 2021

Sponsor: Cony Project Graduation Class of 2021
Contact: Julie Franchetti  207-215-5503
Bodies of Water/Town:  Cobbosseecontee Lake
Weigh-in: Augusta Country Club and Hammonds Grove
Total Cash Prizes: $5,000+

March 6-13, 2021

Sponsor: Blue Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club
Contact: Brian Scott  207-534-2261
Bodies of Water/Town:  Moosehead Lake/ Greenville and Rockwood
Weigh-in: Moosehead Bait and Tackle
Total Cash Prizes: $500

March 20, 2021

Sponsor: Operation Reboot Outdoors
Contact: Dan Waite  207-740-3156
Bodies of Water/Town:  Ellis (Roxbury) Pond
Weigh-in: Public Boat Launch
Total Cash Prizes: $2,200


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