Ledge Falls, Medway – Easy to Reach Swimming and Fishing Spot

Just outside of East Millinocket

I noticed Ledge Falls on my DeLorme Atlas when planning a visit to Gauntlet Falls recently (map 43).  Since it was on the way, I figured we would check it out!  I was surprised to notice that these are not very big “falls” at all.  I’m sure they sound like falls when the water level gets higher, though.  Ledge Falls are incredibly easy to reach.  If you’re in the area and are looking for a great, off-the-beaten-path place to go swimming, fishing, walk your dog or kids, this is the place to go!

How to Get There

Ledge Falls are very easy to find.  Take the Medway/Millinocket exit off I-95.  Follow Route 11 and 157 south until you see the sign for the East Branch Snow Rovers.  Take that right and go to the stop sign.  Take a right and follow it to the end, when you reach the East Branch Snow Rovers clubhouse.

Hit the Trail

Walk past this sign and head right at the fork to reach the falls.
You will come down that road you see on the left, and the photo is taken from the shore next to the falls.

When you reach the snowmobile/ATV clubhouse find a nice, out of the way place to park.  There is a dirt road (trail) that leads straight to the river to the left of the clubhouse.  Follow that road down and to the right, which will take you just behind the clubhouse.  You will see a nice, small sandy shore, and Ledge Falls right in front of you.  The rocks here are really cool.  Head down the river a bit and I bet there are some great fishing spots!

Welcome to Ledge Falls!
I love rock formations, so I thought this was pretty cool at the falls.

Take a Hike, Walk your Kids

My crazy crew.  I have no idea where they get it from.
View from the trail of the East Branch Penobscot River above Ledge Falls.
It can be a bit muddy on the trail, depending on the season and recent rainfall. Dogs and kids don’t mind, though.

After (or before!) you check out Ledge Falls, you can follow the trail and take a nice walk with your loved ones or furry friend!  If your drive up there is as long as ours was, your kids will probably need a walk to burn off some of that energy!  The trail is beautiful and follows the East Branch Penobscot River for a ways before turning towards the forest.  The kids and dog enjoyed a quick walk down the trail to make sure we didn’t miss the “falls!”  Bring bug dope, though.  Those little fellas are pretty hungry out there!

Short Video of Ledge Falls

Here is what Ledge Falls looks like, from the shore to the river.  That isn’t my car- two people with towels got out of it and vanished, so I figure they must have gone swimming downstream.  And don’t ask what my kids are doing in the video.  I think the long drive up to Medway got to them…!  (Maybe we need more sing-alongs next time!)

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