Four Seasons of Camping at Maine Sporting Camps, Cabins & Lodges

Experience the Real Maine Wilderness

Some are rustic with gas lights and no modern conveniences, while others are modern and offer WiFi.  Many are a family tradition, with ownership passed down through multiple generations.  When you stay at one of Maine’s sporting camps the outdoor possibilities are endless.  Hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation are the main reasons most stay at one of Maine’s sporting camps, cabins, and lodges.

Staying at one of Maine’s sporting camps is the best way to get close to snowmobile and ATV trails or the remote Maine woods.  Sporting camps typically offer two meal plans:  the traditional American Plan where three home-cooked meals are made for guests daily or the Housekeeping Plan where guests bring their own food and cook their meals.

What can you do at a Sporting Camp?

Aside from hunting, fishing, and riding ATVs or snowmobiles, sporting camps are a fantastic wilderness getaway.  Other activities include hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, biking, or just relaxing.  You’ll also meet really cool people who always have a story to share.

Find your next adventure at one of Maine’s sporting camps listed below.

Click on any of the region links below to skip to that region.  Bold text after listings includes bodies of water that are near the sporting camp (lake, pond or river), or remote locations (deep in the Maine woods).

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Quick Jump – Select a Region Below:

  • The County (Fort Kent, Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton)
  • Highlands (Bangor, Moosehead, Millinocket, Lincoln, Dover-Foxcroft)
  • Downeast & Acadia (Eastport, Machias, Ellsworth, Bucksport, Bar Harbor)
  • Midcoast (Belfast, Camden, Rockland, Damariscotta, Bath, Brunswick)
  • Kennebec Valley (Jackman, Bingham, Skowhegan, Waterville, Augusta, Gardiner)
  • Western Mountains & Lakes (Rangeley, Farmington, Bethel, Winthrop, Lewiston, Auburn)
  • South & Casco Bay (Portland, Freeport, Yarmouth, Old Orchard Beach, Kennebunk, Kittery)

The County

  • Allagash Guide Service, Allagash 207-398-3418  (river)
  • Red River Camps, T15, R9 WELS  207-435-6000 (pond) (remote)
  • Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge, T9, R8  207-731-8938  (lake)
  • Lake Molunkus Sporting Camps, T1, R5  207-725-9471  (lake) 
  • The Homestead Lodge, Oxbow 207-435-6357 or 207-227-7226  (river)
  • Rideout’s Lodge & Cottages, Weston 207-448-2440  (lake) 
  • Eagle Lake Sporting Camps, Eagle Lake  207-444-5108  (lake) 
  • Umcolcus Sporting Camps, Oxbow PLT 207-435-8227
  • Willard Jalbert Camps, T13, R12  718-834-2500
  • Portage Lakeside Cabins, Portage Lake 207-435-2080  (lake)  


  • Spencer Pond Camps, East Middlesex Canal Grant TWP  207-745-1599  (pond) (remote) 
  • The Birches Resort, Rockwood  800-825-9453  (2 lakes) (pond) 
  • Boulet Sporting Camps, T4 R15  207-723-8800  (stream) (remote)
  • West Branch Pond Camps, Shawtown TWP  207-695-2561  (pond) (remote)
  • Eagle Lodge & Camps, Lincoln  207-794-2181  (pond) 
  • Matagamon Wilderness, T6, R8 WELS 207-446-4635  (lake) 
  • Wilson Pond Camps, Greenville 207-695-2860  (pond) 
  • Libby Camps, T8, R9 WELS  207-435-8274  (lake) (remote)
  • Bowlin Camps Lodge, T5, R8  207-267-0884 (river) (remote)
  • The Bradford Camps, T8, R10   207-746-7777  (lake) (remote)
  • Wilsons on Moosehead Lake, Moosehead 207-695-2549  (lake) 
  • South Branch Lake Campsites, Seboeis PLT 207-732-3446  (lake) (remote)
  • Macannamac Camp Rentals, T8, R11 & T9, R11 & T9, R12 207-307-2115  (lake)
  • Mt. Chase Lodge, Mt Chase 207-528-2183  (lake) 
  • Katahdin Mountain Lodge & Guide Service, Hershey Township 207-242-6353
  • Penobscot River Cabins, Howland 207-557-3237  (river) 
  • Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps, Rainbow Township 207-731-8888 (lake) 
  • The Pines Lodge and Camps, Orrington  207-557-7463
  • Chesuncook Lake House & Cabins, Chesuncook  (no phone) (remote) (lake) 
  • Rip Dam Sporting Camps, T3, R11 WELS 207-447-5803  (river) 
  • Abol Bridge Campground, T2, R10 WELS  207-447-5803  (river) (stream) 
  • Packard’s Camps, Willimantic 207-997-3300 (lake) (remote) 


Downeast & Acadia

  • Boggy Brook Outfitters, Ellsworth  207-667-7271 or 207-266-0685  (lake) 
  • Long Lake Camps, Princeton  207-796-2051  (lake)
  • Down River Camps, Princeton 207-796-2618  (flowage)
  • Leen’s Lodge, Grand Lake Stream 800-995-3367  (lake) 
  • Grand Lake Lodge, Grand Lake Stream 207-796-5584  (lake) 
  • Robinson’s Cottages, Edmund Township 207-726-9546  (river)
  • Weatherby’s Resort, Grand Lake Stream 877-796-5558
  • Nicatous Lodge and Cabins, T3 ND  207-356-7506  (lake) (stream) 




Kennebec Valley

  • Benders Lodge, Fayette
  • Bulldog Camps, Upper Enchanted TWP 207-243-2853  (pond)
  • Alden Camps, Oakland  207-465-7912  (pond)
  • The Last Resort, Jackman 207-668-5091  (pond) 
  • Red Buck Sporting Camps, Jackman 207-668-5361
  • Cobb’s Pierce Pond Camps, New Portland summer: 207-628-2819 winter:207-635-3637  (pond) 
  • Drummonds Claybrook Mountain Lodge, New Portland 207-628-4681


Western Mountains & Lakes

  • Tim Pond Camps, Tim Pond TWP 207-243-2947  (pond) (remote) 
  • Bosebuck Mountain Camps, Lynchtown  207-670-0013  (lake) (remote)
  • Sturtevant Pond Camps, Magalloway PLT 207-486-9308  (pond) (remote) 
  • Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins, Jim Pond TWP  207-670-3009  (pond) 


South & Casco Bay



Do you know of a sporting camp, cabin or lodge that isn’t on the list?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it!

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