2017 Dead River High Water Whitewater Release Schedule

2017 Long Falls Dam releases for the Dead River

Here are the high water release dates for the 2017 season from Brookfield Renewable Energy who operates the dam.  Listing with a (+) next to them depends on the spring refill and forecast. Water sources are from Long Falls Dam and inflow from Spencer Stream.  Listing with a (*) next to them indicate Long Falls Dam releases occur as necessary to provide flows directly below Spencer Stream.  All releases from Long Falls Dam stop at 1 pm.

May 13th – 7,000 cfs +
May 20th – 7,000 cfs +
May 28th – 5,500 cfs
June 3rd  – 5,500 cfs *
June 10th  – 3,500 cfs *
September 3rd – 5,500 cfs *
September 16th – 3,500 cfs *
October  7th – 6,000 cfs

Please note that these flow levels may change without notice based on license requirements or water levels.

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