Try skijoring in Maine this winter!

Want to try a new outdoor adventure this winter?  Try skijoring!

What is skijoring?  It’s a creative combination between cross-country skiing and dog sledding.  Skiiers gear up, then attach a harness to their torso which is connected to a line attached to a dog or two, and off you go!  It’s a much faster way to view Maine’s beautiful back country, and provides great exercise for dogs as well.

The CAN-AM Crown International Sled Dog Race in Fort Kent introduced the first annual 10th Mountain Skijor Races last year, which were hosted on the Fort Kent Outdoor Club’s world class nordic trails.  The three races were 5k, 10k and 15k distances with 18 total participants from New England and Canada.

People skijor for both sport and leisure.  Many different breeds of dogs work well for skjioring, and many skijorers who have no experience with sled dogs have successfully trained their canine companion to skijor.

If you don’t have your own dog (or a dog trained for skijoring) you can try out skijoring at New England Dogsledding:


New England Dogsledding
Steve and Leo
591 Kings Highway, Mason Township