Ten Minutes of Maine: Grand Falls, T3 R4, High Water Release & Directions to Falls

This Ten Minutes shows Grand Falls at the first high water release of the 2015 season! The video includes different views, as well as photos of the surrounding area. The end of the video has information about visiting the falls. Don’t mind the yellow lab tail that keeps flying by- we had energetic company that day! Grand Falls is amazing during a high water release. The hike from the parking lot is only about 15 minutes, and the view is spectacular. The spray from the high volume of water is so intense that it looks like it’s snowing on the film! The spray from the intense high water rapids easily reaches you on the 60′ ledge above.

To reach the falls: Follow Route 201 North from Bingham to The Forks. Not long after the Dead River to your left drops out of sight, you will see Lower Enchanted Road on your left. There are many side roads on the Lower Enchanted Road- stay on the road that looks best traveled. If you are using the DeLorme map you will easily see where the road goes, although Lower Enchanted Road starts on Map 40 and goes through Map 39 and ends on Map 29.

When in doubt, follow the rafting companies in. Just beware- this is a logging road, and logging trucks have the right of way. We decided the rafting companies did too–they were much faster than we were! I wouldn’t recommend bringing a car down this road- it can be quite muddy depending on how much rain has fallen lately, there are some areas where the road has washed out a bit, and large bumps and gullys that are often unavoidable. Trucks and SUVs stand the best chance of making it in one piece. Or school buses, which the rafting companies use to bring rafters to the river. If you follow the right road (about 13 miles in) you will come to a large parking lot. From there you are on foot, and the trail is easy to find. Just before you get to the river there is a trail to your right which leads to a bridge that goes across the water. Follow that trial and you will arrive at Grand Falls in no time!