Untamed Mainer is a one-stop resource hub for Maine’s outdoor community where visitors can find up-to-date information about outdoor activities and events throughout the state and connect with one another to share experiences, entertainment, and information.

Untamed Mainer supports local organizations that work to protect our rights to enjoy all outdoor activities that the state of Maine has to offer, and organizations that work to conserve our natural resources and use of public lands for outdoor activities.  Untamed Mainer works to financially support these groups through various fund raising events.

Angela with a beautiful large mouth bass from a pond in Maine.


I come from a long line of Mainers- some of my ancestors helped settle the very town I live in.  My parents taught me that hard work and dedication always pay off, and although you may be tired by day’s end, that feeling of satisfaction when you look at all you accomplished makes it worth while.  As kids my brother and I helped make every lawn on our parent’s property, helped them get wood every fall to heat the house and my parent’s business, and helped get “brush” (fir boughs) in the winter so my mother could make wreaths.  I grew up riding snowmobile trails and ice fishing in the winter, and riding ATVs (3-wheelers back then!) and boating in the summer months.  My father taught me how to hunt, fish, and track animals on our property, and my mother taught me the importance of quality work, attention to detail, and to appreciate the simple peace and quiet of a breezy summer day.

I have always loved Maine but didn’t truly appreciate all it had to offer until I moved away for a year and a half after enlisting in the Army National Guard.  I lived out west during that time and after coming home, those Nor’ Easters didn’t seem so bad compared to tornadoes.  Seven months of winter really isn’t so tough when you have outdoor activities, friends, and family to enjoy them with.

My kids and I going for a swim in th’ pond down the road apiece summah 2014.

My goal is to use Untamed Mainer as a platform to connect outdoor enthusiasts to activities, events, businesses, organizations and others that support maintaining the Maine way of life.  Throughout the years I have seen land that was originally open to outdoor recreational activities purchased by new owners and closed off to the public.  I plan to promote responsible use of lands that are open to the public, and promote respect towards land owners who continue to allow outdoor enthusiasts to use their lands.  I am also dedicated to financially supporting organizations that take action to preserve Maine’s heritage, the rights of outdoor enthusiasts, and land use so future generations can enjoy the same outdoor activities that we enjoyed growing up here in Maine.

Thank you for visiting my website, and for supporting the businesses and organizations that keep Maine active, wild and free.

Stay Untamed!