Maine Lobster Boat Races 2015 Schedule

*Dates & location descriptions courtesy of Travis Otis from the Fans of Maine Lobster Boat Racing Facebook page–thank you Travis!


20 Boothbay Harbor  
Points Race – Best viewed via boat – First race of the season, everyone gets to see who has done what over the winter, old rivalries are revitalized – first half of a double header weekend – Access through Brown’s Wharf or the co-op, there is a ramp somewhere – Awards are held on a barge at the finish line.
21 Rockland
Points Race – Rockland Breakwater if you’re a land lubber – One of the best attended races, lots of prizes bring the local boys out and the big boats from the islands – bring an anchor because chances are you will be rafted up with others having a party – second half of a double header weekend – Access through O’Hara’s North facility (including ramp for those of you with trailers) – Awards held at O’Hara’s North.
28 Bass Harbor
Non-points Race – Best viewed via boat – Started last year this race is strictly for fun, wasn’t even an entry fee – Blessing of the fleet takes place after the awards for the races. (it’s actually in Bernard, but we won’t talk about that) – Access is through the fisherman’s pier, however space is limited so bring an anchor and possibly a skiff, there are open lobster floats to tie up to in the harbor. Awards are at the Fisherman’s Pier following the race, blessing of the fleet is afterwards.


4 Moosebec Reach
Points Race – Beals Island Bridge if you’re a land lubber – The bridge used to be the finish line, but after a boat found one of the piling supports that ended that. Not uncommon for boats to pass under the bridge now though. – Access is through the town dock up behind the breakwater in Jonesport as well as the co-op near the bridge – bring an anchor and boat-pool in to go ashore after the races, awards are held at the Coast Guard station.
11 Searsport
Points Race – Mosman Park or the town landing if you’re a land lubber – First half of a double header weekend – Access is through the town wharf, including ramp on Steamboat Avenue. Trailer parking is limited at the wharf but trailers and additional vehicles can be parked at Otis Enterprises Marine. Awards are held at the wharf following the races.
12 Stonington
Points Race – Best viewed via boat – Second half of a double header weekend – Access is through the fisherman’s pier, there is a ramp there, but used primarily for skiffs, there is a better ramp down winding roads at Billing’s and another one a friend found and used, but I have no idea where it is. Awards are held at the pier after the races. Bring a GOOD anchor and watch out for the traps when you set it. Get there early to have breakfast and later in the day crab rolls at the odd fellows hall.
19 Friendship
Points Race – Bring a boat – A ramp is available, it has gained the name “the ramp from HELL” so it might be prudent to bring someone along to lend a hand, access is from… anywhere you can find. Awards are done after the individual classes, the vessels just stop by the judge float and pick up their prize then motor away. Bring an anchor, if you can find a free lobster float, tie up to it.
26 Harpswell
Points Race – Best to bring a boat – Remember that good anchor from Stonington? Well I hope you brought it here too, primarily sand bottom, hard to grab with your mud/rock anchor. Awards are done after the individual classes, stop by the judges float and pick up the prize and you’re done. Ramp is located at Dolphin Marina, I do not know how much they charge for it, dockage space is available there the night before, they wanted 20 bucks a foot last time, so that didn’t happen.


8 Winter Harbor
Points Race – Best viewed via boat – Access is through the commercial dock, ramp is available on the other side of the harbor. – First half of a double header weekend (you need to haul ass to get to the second half before dark) – Awards are at the commercial dock after the races, fisherman’s festival takes place during the day and there is a cod fish thing before the awards, usually good food to be had.
15 Long Island
Points-race – Best viewed by boat. Races are held in the afternoon so that the local guys can tend their gear. Best to stay in Portland the night before or to steam up that morning if you are a traveling boat. Sign us congested for boat traffic, see if you can catch a in with a bunch of folk in a boat all at once or snag a ride in an Army truck.
16 Portland
Points Race – Fort Allen Park if you’re a land lubber – Part of the MS Regatta (those boring sailboats do their thing the day before, so if you’re traveling up then be aware, they WILL be in the way) and there is a tug boat muster after the lobster boat races. Access is through Portland Yacht Services, ramp is located there as well. Dockage is available the night before, bring a good anchor for the race. Awards are held at a float this year I understand.
16 Pemaquid
Non-points Race – Top of the tower at Pemaquid Colonial Park if you’re a land lubber – Bring your anchor, access is through the Pemaquid Colonial Park, there IS a ramp, and if it’s low tide then you are in for a treat! I hope you brought some stout rope so you can back everything into the water on this very gradual slope. Dock space is at a premium after the race so it’s probably best to catch a ride in and let everything sit on a couple of good anchors rafted up. Pemaquid runs their own classifications on the boats, gives races the chance to go up against people they normally wouldn’t. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not, but ALWAYS a good time. Full bar at the Contended Sole where the awards are done. Fireworks the night before, a little fair going on as well during the day. Fruit smoothies were awesome, and back on the boat they were doctored up a little bit for some of the crew.

Check out Untamed Mainer’s YouTube video of the Pemaquid Lobster Boat Races last year: