Untamed Mainer

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Large mouth bass, July 2014, Lincoln County
Large mouth bass, July 2014, Lincoln County

In July of 2014 Angela Snowman discovered that finding  information for some outdoor events across the state was complicated.  Many events were not well known, and information for some events was limited- sometimes no mention of the event’s location was listed.  That’s when she decided to start Untamed Mainer.

The goal of Untamed Mainer is to bring the most complete outdoor events listing to Mainers, year round.  Untamed Mainer encourages residents to get outside and enjoy outdoor activities across the state, and to inform residents of new activities they may have never considered or even heard of (like surfing or rockhounding, for example) and provide links and information about how to get involved.  The Maine outdoors offers something for everyone.

lifetimeSpending time with friends and family enjoying the great Maine outdoors creates memories that will last a lifetime.  Untamed Mainer will continually encourage residents to leave their electronics behind, and go outside and have fun!

Future goals of Untamed Mainer include supporting non-profit organizations across the state that work to keep public lands open and support the Maine way of life through raffles and fundraisers.