Ice Boating

Maine Ice Boating Resources

Ice boating on hard water is nothing new to Mainers.  An article in The Rudder magazine from 1901 shows a group of Mainers on Eagle Lake lined up with their iceboats, ready to race.  Ice boaters can reach speeds of over 60mph, and in Madison, Wisconsin, the DN World Championships for ice boating are held every year.

Maine’s only ice boating club is one of just 17 iceboat clubs in the U.S. and Canada.  Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club, based out of Rockport, is very active, and enthusiastic about the sport and is always happy to introduce others to the thrill of iceboating (see link below).

External Resources

  • Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club– founded in the 1960s, the club is based out of Rockport, with Lake Chickawaukee being their home ice.  The group sails on over 12 other lakes and ponds throughout Maine.
Photo from a 1901 edition of The Rudder magazine.
Photo from a 1901 edition of The Rudder magazine.