Untamed Mainer Book Publishing

I make publishing a book affordable for everyone.  If you want to retain all rights and commissions, you only pay for the services you need and publish your work independently.  If you find paying for the services upfront too costly, I will perform the necessary services and publish your book for you if I believe it would be a mutually beneficial partnership.  I cover the costs by receiving a commission from each book you sell.  Untamed Mainer LLC is a recognized publishing company that publishes all genres of books.

Publishing Services Available

  • Manuscript Evaluation
    • After reading your entire manuscript, I send you a feedback letter outlining in general the strengths, weaknesses, and further recommendations.
  •  Standard Copyediting
    • Keep it true to your individual style and tone within the limits you specify.
    • Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Line Editing
    • Further polishes your work to remove tone changes and wordiness and improves word choice, transitions, etc.
    • This level gives your work a smooth flow and a consistent voice, making it clearer and easier for the reader to understand.
  • Publishing
    • Formatting for platforms including (but not limited to):
      • Amazon Print on Demand & Kindle
      • Apple Books
      • Google Play Books
      • Lulu, etc.
    • ISBN & Serial Number Assignment & Registration
  • Cover Design
  • Press Releases
  • Digital Sell Sheets
  • Marketing Plans
  • Consulting

The Process

  1. Contact me and tell me a brief summary of your book and what services you need.
  2. Email your manuscript to partnerships@untamedmainer.com, and I will review it.
  3. I’ll get back to you with prices for each service requested.


Let’s Talk!

Contact Angela through the form below or at partnerships@untamedmainer.com

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