Stay Untamed!
  • Get insider information about 20 of Western Maine's most breathtaking waterfalls!  Multiple photos of every waterfall are included with detailed information about every stop.  All 20 waterfalls in this book can be combined into an epic 2-day road trip with an included map and itinerary!  The book includes 46 pages packed with information about each waterfall, insider secrets, and potential pitfalls to watch out for when exploring each waterfall.

    Visit some or accept the challenge and visit them all!


    1. Rumford Falls
    2. Snow Falls
    3. Kezar Falls
    4. Frenchmen's Hole
    5. Step Falls
    6. Screw Auger Falls
    7. Mother Walker Falls
    8. Moose Cave
    9. The Cataracts
    10. Ellis Falls
    11. Coos Canyon
    12. Angel Falls
    13. Smalls Falls
    14. Chandler Mill Stream Falls
    15. Phillips Falls
    16. Mosher Hill Falls
    17. Poplar Stream Falls
    18. South Brook Falls
    19. North Anson Gorge Falls
    20. Houston Brook Falls
  • maine abandoned ghost trains

    Get the most updated and complete information about visiting Ghost Trains of the North Maine Woods!

    Discover what to bring so you don't get stranded, how to get there, the NEW hiking trail and parking area, and awesome things most people overlook at Tramway Historic District like the boarding house foundation and a crystal-clear well!  Also included in the book are scenic and awesome nearby hot spots and side trips like Ripogenus Gorge and the Debsconeag Ice Caves for those who want more adventure!  The book is packed with over 40 full-color pages of maps, photos, and information including GPS coordinates of things to see at the site and the history of the two different logging operations that took place at the Tramway Historic District in the early 1900s.
  • Get the Insider's Guide to Maine's Historic Bridges, available for instant download!  Find out which bridge is located in a campground and which bridge is a hidden gem and challenging to reach.  The guide can be downloaded to your device and can also be printed.  An added bonus at the end of the book challenges you to visit 6 covered bridges in a single day!  Turn-by-turn directions for the road trip are included, which comes in handy if you lose cell phone reception in some of the more remote parts of the state. This 50-page book gives you all the information you need for your next road trip including:
    • Stats on each bridge
    • GPS coordinates
    • Historical facts
    • Full-color photos
    • What to expect when you visit
    • Notes about each location
    • Additional area attractions
    You'll love visiting Maine's 9 historic covered bridges, located in some of the most scenic regions of the state.
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